Whether you are launching a new product, restructuring your management company, preparing for a sale of your business, purchasing an asset management firm or ramping up the level of operations in your existing fund, TAC Consolidated Services LLC (TACCS) has you covered.

TACCS approach is a co-sourcing, rather than outsourcing, approach. Traditional outsourcing of services and advice are transaction driven and offer vending based solutions. A co-sourcing solution produces shared business performance responsibilities and emphasizes a partner based solution. Our team has a history of managing funds directly, versus providing services in a vendor based solution. A certain tacit knowledge is gained from the experience of the founders across multiple structures, jurisdictions, strategies and asset classes. Our team has a sense of ownership and accountability for success and failure which provides a valuable service to any organization looking to supplement its workforce.

We are aligned with your strategic direction and vision.

The Alpha Cooperative, LLC

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