Company Profile

The Alpha Cooperative was formed by a seasoned group of industry professionals with an average of 20+ years experience launching and successfully managing hedge funds through all market cycles, investor allocation phases and increased regulatory oversight. Our experience in building strong governance in emerging businesses provides our clients with a significant operational competitive edge.

TAC professionals are supported by the Board of Directors; established to provide oversight with respect to strategic planning, assessing management performance, enhancing our public image and ensuring adequate resources. An informal group, the Advisory Committee, assists in planning and developing best practices and innovative solutions. Communication between experienced professionals allows TAC to continually refine and improve our offering.

The core goals of TAC are to enable growing managers to successfully address current operational, regulatory and governance requirements. By providing managers with flexibility in the business process and the costs associated with that process, emerging firms have a greater chance for growth.

The Alpha Cooperative, LLC

90 Park Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Phone. 646-558-3570