TAC Asset Managers LLC (TACAM) offers an operational incubator which speeds your time to market, reduces costs and lets you focus on your front office team.

Time to market

The launch of your fund should be focused on strategy, performance and risk management. You have spent significant time developing your trading ideas and implementing the best tools to research, develop, execute and monitor your strategy. Don’t let developing best practices in operations slow you down. TACAM can help.

Cost to launch

Given the business complexities of managing a hedge fund, finding cost effective solutions can be a challenge. TACAM’s platform is cost effective. Your fund will be created by customizing standing documentation, so you spend your money on personalized and customized supplements to the existing infrastructure.

Team development

Building a trusted team can be one of the biggest challenges facing any new firm, particularly regulated entities with fiduciary responsibilities. Our senior members have worked together dating back to 1997 and have an established and developed system for responsibilities and controls. Your focus becomes creating a talented team in research, development and trading, establishing a track record of proven work.


TACAM provides a dedicated series, with complete segregation of assets and liabilities, its own set of contractual obligations and segregated bank and brokerage accounts underneath an operational umbrella of pre-developed procedures and policies. Each series is evaluated for risks, disclosures and conflicts and personalized supplements are created.

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