Investor Benefits

The operational hurdles associated with emerging managers may cause investors to overlook the space which many believe offers unique investment approaches and, potentially, higher yields, lower correlations and more mobility than larger more established managers.


Creating a Standard for Investor Expectations

TAC simplifies the holding and trading of a wide range of emerging managers by streamlining the operational processes. Investors will understand what they are buying into from a business management standpoint because the dealings and business administration are managed in one place.
TAC offers a centralized location for business and operational due diligence, both physically and online. TAC provides a due diligence portal for convenience in manager due diligence, providing access to documents and reports in a secure environment.


Professional Evaluation and Control

TAC independently evaluates the portfolio, pricing and transactions and monitors risk characteristics. TAC monitors cash and, in some circumstances, controls cash movements, strengthening the control process.


Full blown operational infrastructures are expensive and can overwhelm the financial prospects of an emerging manager. This can cause outsized expense ratios at the fund level. TAC benefits both the manager and the fund’s investors because the operational infrastructure costs are shared among the platform’s participants.
Fairness and openness with investors is a priority at TAC and we want to earn your trust. Contact us to learn more.

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