TAC provides a comprehensive, turn-key, institutional infrastructure, partnering with firms throughout their lifecycle to facilitate attracting institutional capital. The platforms provide a variable cost structure supporting firms through changing market cycles and fluctuations in assets under management. TAC can function as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer*, Investor Relations Liaison and Independent Risk Manager*, as well as bringing a full support staff and technology to support those processes.

TAC offers four platforms of services to investors, family offices and managers looking to institutionalize the business administration of their firms.

For managers dedicated to having everything in-house, TACAM enters into joint ventures with investment advisors. By assuming shared liability to the investor, the traditional hedge fund structure is maintained at a scalable cost.
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Co-fiduciary Services

TAC Asset Managers LLC ("TACAM") creates a co-fiduciary relationship between TACAM and the investment advisor, providing confidence and accountability to the fund investors. Firms receive an institutional infrastructure at a variable cost which supports the firm through different market and investor allocation cycles, promoting growth at the correct time to continue success. TACAM's team of highly experienced alternative investment professionals are immediately added to the firms roster of key personnel. Business administration is managed by TACAM freeing the manager to focus on performance and firm growth.

Hedge Fund Series

TACAM Multi-Series Fund works with a select group of managers across a diverse set of strategies and acts as the umbrella fund to a group of individual series created to give an immediate fund structure. Each series has its own clearly defined investment objective and strategy and is structured as a separate legal entity with segregated assets and liabilities. Investors choose from a variety of strategies and styles within an established operational platform, providing improved transparency, managed liquidity and operational security in the emerging manager space.

For managers seeking a structure to build their track record at an economical cost, TACAM Multi-Series Fund offers individual series co-branded with a portable track record.

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"For managers looking to institutionalize their infrastructure or provide additional support to current staff, TACCS provides an infrastructure designed to attract and foster confidence with institutional clientele, while minimizing fixed overhead."

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Outsourced Services

TAC Consolidated Services LLC ("TACCS") supports the firm's internal team by providing best practices workflow. Consolidating the middle and back office functions required to successfully run an institutional-quality alternative investment firm makes the firm more attractive to allocators. TACCS' services are cost effective, boost investor confidence and improve middle and back office workflow - all at a variable cost, allowing the firm to grow at the right time while providing a larger firm infrastructure.

Advisor Consulting

TACCS Advisor Consulting assists firms in developing plans, managing growth and delivering on expectations. Complexity risk in the alternative investment business can be overwhelming. Choices made in the early stages are critical and each piece integral to the lifecycle of the firm. TACCS has established relationships with many top-tier vendors and can assist in engaging and following through, accelerating timelines and creating a more cost efficient process.

For managers in start-up or restructuring mode who are seeking advice from experienced hedge fund professionals, TACCS Advisor Consulting manages the many business facets required to service firms through all stages of their lifecycle.
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