change is good - you go first

- Kenneth F. Murphy on change and organizations

TAC has over 11 years of experience helping businesses through periods of change.

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In 2006, after 12 years in operation, we closed our hedge fund.  No big blow up, no scandals, just mediocre performance and outrageous infrastructure costs.  In 2008, the volatility which was historically so good for the strategy finally came - but it came too late for us.  

Increased investor requirements, trying to compete with the big guys and new regulatory requirements almost killed small business hedge funds. We continued to see people launching funds and spending close to, or over, a million dollars on building out the infrastructure. Some succeeded, many did not.

What feels impossible can often become possible through measured and calculated change.

In 2010 we launched The Alpha Cooperative to make things possible. We have created a cooperative approach to infrastructure by designing best business practices at economies of scale.

Are you ready for a change? We would love to help.


Expert and experienced advice about starting, restructuring or closing your business.

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For managers looking for a little extra help in operations, finance and compliance.

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For organizations seeking optimized business operations on a balanced budget.

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The only source of knowledge is experience.

- Albert Einstein

Sara Malak

Managing Member

Sara has extensive experience in managing complex business structures and 26 years of experience in the hedge fund industry. Her focus is on cross departmental integration in operational infrastructure.

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Charles Zaffuto

Managing Member

Charlie has over 36 years of experience in the financial industry where his niche in sourcing leading edge developments in the alternatives industry has procured forward thinking solutions to industry roadblocks.

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